A mesh BABY-LOC fence is installed around an inground pool with a deck.

Are the kids outside? Is the dog by the pool?

Whether you have a backyard lagoon oasis or a pool full of floats and toys, chances are you are always thinking about safety.

And you should be.

Installing a pool safety fence is an affordable and easy step to take to help avoid any accidents and give you peace of mind while also enjoying your beautiful pool.

What is a Pool Safety Fence?

A pool safety fence is simply a barrier around your swimming pool that acts as a layer to protect children and animals from open water -- and anyone else who you may be concerned about.

While fences are not a substitute for adult-child supervision, they are barriers that discourage immediate entry to your pool. And every second really does count when it comes to safety.

There are no across-the-board laws nationwide that dictate pool fence standards, but all states do require fences around outdoor inground pools. (Don’t forget to also consider a fence around your hot tub, especially if it has no cover on it.)

Many insurance companies also require a pool safety fence in order to provide coverage. 


A child cannot access a ball next to a pool because of a BABY-LOC pool safety fence.


A Mesh Fence is Durable? Yes!

It may surprise you, but a mesh pool safety fence is one of the strongest and most durable options when considering installing a safety fence along the edge of your pool.

Here are some other reasons a mesh safety fence is a great option:

  • Harder to climb. A mesh fence doesn’t have the same diamond-shape structure as a chain-link fence or the ladder-like slats of a wood fence, which makes the mesh pool fence harder to crawl up and over.
  • Safe and affordable. An iron, wood, or chain link fence is going to be much more expensive than mesh. Mesh safety fences are also a great addition to rental properties and these fences won’t break the bank.
  • Convenience. If you need to remove and store your fence, you can pull it out and roll it up! If you live in a colder climate, the ease of removing the fence comes especially handy in the winter, and it doesn’t take up much storage room.
  • You want to be sure you have a pool cover if you are removing your safety fence for the winter.) Removing the fence in the cold winter months will help extend the lifespan of the pool fence. Moreover, when you are ready to put your fence back up, it takes a very minimal time commitment.
  • Peace of mind. Whether you have kids yourself, have kids in the neighborhood, or are renting your property to a family with young children, a mesh fence will make a difference. 
  • A great view. See-through black mesh does not completely block the view of your beautiful pool. (You can see better through a black mesh fence than a white one.)


Outdoor baby safety is just as important as indoor baby safety, as shown with a pool fence and an outlet cover.


What is a BABY-LOC Pool Safety Fence?

At LOOP-LOC, we recommend our specialBABY-LOC mesh fence.

BABY-LOC is a temporary, high tensile mesh pool fence that is making waves in the industry.

Whether you face bitter cold winter days or saltwater is in your air, you don’t have to worry about erosion when you have BABY-LOC installed.

BABY-LOC’s unparalleled poly-coated, open-weave mesh black fabric offers UV stability so your pool safety fence won’t rip, stretch, or fade. It will also resist algae, mildew, fungi and bacteria, and is easy to clean.

The solid brass double-ended latches combined with a stainless steel spring-loaded trigger mechanism are easy to use and will never rust or corrode.

The poles, made from a choice of fiberglass or aluminum, also are non-corrosive and rust-proof, easy to clean, and they are color-matched to the black fabric. When the poles are removed, there are neutral-colored caps to plug the sleeves. 

The BABY-LOC fence offers a reliable, self-latching feature using a powerful magnet. While it requires very little force to secure, the magnet will latch to the gate by itself every time. It’s also lockable with a key for added security for those times it’s needed, like overnight or when you go on vacation.

Pool safety fences provide a secure area when they are in place and used properly. However, if the gate is left open, the level of protection is affected. It is crucial to make sure the gate is latched every time the pool is accessed.

How is a Mesh Fence Installed?

Mesh pool fences are easy to use and take down, but a pool contractor should install them to ensure they are secure and working properly.

A professional will plan out the fence placement, drill holes on the pool deck or surrounding pool area, and insert sleeves. Removable metal poles will then be inserted into the sleeves. Fiberglass poles don’t require grounding within 5 feet of pools, whereas aluminum does.

A pool contractor also should help you plan your entryway and a gate if needed. If you do not have an official designated gate, you will be able to open the fence with spring-loaded latches.

Ready to Relax with a New Fence!

This past year, we have all been spending more time at home. Remote work, remote school, remote everything. 

If you have a pool, that means more time is probably spent swimming or floating your way to relaxation. 

With the peace of mind of a pool safety fence, you will relax a whole lot more!

LOOP-LOC manufactures safety pool covers strong and tough enough to support an elephant, as well as a line of luxury in-ground pool liners and BABY-LOC removable safety fencing. Through its network of dealers, the company has sold safety swimming pool covers on every continent except Antarctica. LOOP-LOC is headquartered in New York and manufactures in a 200,000-square-foot facility.