Thinking of adding a pool to your backyard dreamscape? The off-season is the perfect time to start planning! With so many options and features to consider, it’s best to start your planning early so you and your loved ones are ready to jump in once the weather warms up.

To help get you started on your journey, take a look at the different types of swimming pools available, how you can choose the right one for your home, and ensure you’re prepared for how to care for it.

3 Main Types of Swimming Pools

When deciding on a type of pool for your home, it’s important to understand your options. Factors like your yard and your family's needs can determine which pool is best for you. Here are the three main types of pools to consider.

  • In-Ground

Arguable to most popular option, in-ground pools are just that–in the ground. They can be custom designed and shaped to fit specific landscaping making them an ideal choice for homeowners. In-ground pools also provide the most customization in terms of depth as they can be installed as shallow or as deep as you’d like.

Because they occupy a large area of your yard, you must consider any underground gas lines, sewage systems, and power lines before construction. These factors can determine whether or not an in-ground pool is possible in your yard. You should also consider the extra safety measures you should take when installing an in-ground pool like Safety Covers and removable fencing that can protect your family. Additionally, in-ground pools often are a little pricier to install, but the investment is well worth the reward!

  • Above-Ground

One of the best benefits of above-ground pools is their affordability. Because they do not require extensive changes to your property, above-ground pools can be installed more easily and in less time than other pool types. They are also relatively easy to maintain as their filtration systems and hoses are all above ground, making any routine or emergency maintenance easier to access.

While they are typically more affordable to install, above-ground pools are often less customizable. They typically come in standard circle or oval shapes. Above-ground pools can also be more difficult to cover when compared to inground pool covers that can easily attach to the ground.

  • On-Ground

In between above and in-ground lies on-ground pools. On-ground pools are considered to be above-ground pools that are surrounded on all sides by a self-supporting deck. They provide the feel of an in-ground pool with the affordability and mechanics of an above-ground pool. They offer many of the same benefits of above ground pools with an added advantage of a deck that can more easily support a safety cover.

On-ground pools do require a significant amount of space in your yard to accommodate the pool and surrounding deck, so always be sure your outdoor space will flow well before you decide to install.

Breaking Down the Main Types of In-Ground Pools

At LOOP-LOC, we can assist with a range of pool needs, but our expertise lies in in-ground pools. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of in-ground pool liners and what to consider when choosing one for your home.

  • Vinyl Liner

If you want the most freedom to completely design your pool, vinyl liners are the way to go! Vinyl liners can be shaped to fit almost any pool shape and can come in a variety of designs that perfectly match your home and sense of style.

  • Gunite

Sometimes referred to as concrete, gunite is a cement and sand mixture that is blended with water and sprayed and smoothed to form the lining of a pool. Gunite is good because it allows you to shape your pool in almost any design you wish.

  • Fiberglass

A less-customizable option for pools is a fiberglass basin. Fiberglass pools are pre-designed fiberglass molds that can be placed in your yard. They are typically easy to install and fairly durable but can come at a higher cost when compared to vinyl liners.

When it comes to vinyl liners, LOOP-LOC has the leading edge! Our Luxury Liners come in dozens of stylish and customizable designs that can fit your pool’s shape and perfectly complement your backyard. Not to mention, they are made with the highest quality vinyl available and backed by a 20-year pro-rated warranty!

Maintenance and Upkeep

While you’re making your decision, it’s important to think about how you want to enjoy the pool while you’re in it and how you want to keep it (and your family) protected when you’re not.

If you’re working with a local swimming pool professional, be sure to ask them about any cleaning and maintenance procedures you should be aware of for the specific type of pool you’re interested in. Different liners and basins may require different upkeep chemicals to keep the water and pool lining safe.

Transform your Pool into a Work of Art

With over 40 years in the swimming pool safety industry, LOOP-LOC understands how important a well-designed pool can be. That’s why we offer Luxury Liners in over 30 unique designs to perfectly fit your style as well as Safety Covers in a range of designer colors that allow you to transform your backyard!

You can rest assured that no matter which pool type you choose, LOOP-LOC can provide the right equipment to protect your investment and keep you safe once it’s up and running.

Contact your local swimming pool professional to start your home’s pool journey today. Or, use our Mirage® pool visualizer to get an idea of all the options LOOP-LOC has available to you.