Summer may be on its way out, but the good times don’t have to end just yet. Labor Day is the holiday that brings together one last time around the pool and grill this year. As always, parties can be nerve-wracking - especially for a holiday that is tough to decide a theme on. Don’t let planning your party on your day off be hard work. Follow these tips to not only throw the easiest party of the summer but the party all of your guests will remember:

  1. Plan Ahead. This is a two-step process: creating a guest-list and creating a menu for your party. By solidifying a guest list, you will know how many you have to cook for and know how much food to have just in case some plus-ones tag along with your guests as always tends to happen with these sorts of events. As far as the menu, aim for one that is easy to eat, does not require a knife, and can be created a day or two before. Something like pasta salad or dips is a great place to start!
  2. What’s the Theme? Labor Day is decidedly a difficult holiday to dress up. You could always go with the 4th of July part 2 where people wear their outfit from earlier in the summer surrounded by American flags. If you’re not for a patriotic party this go-round, you can go with an all-white party where your guests dress in all-white attire. Whatever theme you decide on, make sure you stick with it and most importantly, have fun with it!
  3. Drinks for all. Depending on who will be going to your party, your drink list will be appealing to different crowds. But, keeping the children in mind, it is important to provide both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to your guests. You can create a drink station that has the setup of creating cocktails - soda, lemonade, iced tea, garnishes, and alcohol on the side. This will allow the little ones and non-drinkers the ability to make a mocktail and still be in on the fun. Also, don’t forget bottled water for your guests, especially as the night winds down.
  4. Food Moves, People Move. If your guests are a mishmash of friend groups that do not know each other, as a host, it is your job to set them up to get to know each other. By scattering food platters and drink stations across your party, you will ensure that people will move around and talk to whoever is also there. This also creates a great traffic flow as nowhere at your party will be jammed up. Wherever you put the food, people will follow.
  5. Don’t Forget the Kids (and the Adults). To keep the kids entertained, your Labor Day party will have to have some summer games. The games can consist of corn hole, Wiffle ball, or bocce ball. If you have a LOOP-LOC pool liner, you can have pool games as well! The plus with this is that adults can play too!
  6. Bugs, Bugs, Go Away. Even though the summer is dwindling down, the bugs and mosquitoes are out in full force. When the sun starts to set, the bugs start to pester you and your guests which could ruin the mood. Offer your guests bug spray and burn citronella candles in various areas of your party.
  7. Get The Jams Going. What’s a party without some music?! Depending on your guest list, you will have to create a playlist on what will play best for your crowd. If you do not feel like having that responsibility, provide Bluetooth speakers so any of your guests can take over and be in charge of setting the mood for your party.

 The goal is to make this party one everyone remembers. To celebrate everyone’s day off and bid summer farewell the right way, follow these 7 tips and throw a Labor Day party that all your guests will remember.