Unless you are lucky enough to live in an area that allows you to enjoy warm weather and pool days all year round, you’re probably aware that your pool season has come to an end. It’s an unfortunate reality that most pool owners must face around this time of year.


If your pool is not going to be used any more for the season, it doesn’t mean that it should be forgotten about! What you do to prepare your pool for the winter can make a lasting impact on the lifespan of your pool. After all, your pool is an investment, so why not be able to enjoy it for years to come?


To help you keep your pool in great shape so it’s ready for next season, we’ve put together a few tips to prepare your pool for the winter.


  1. Balance the pool chemistry. Keeping the pH of your pool’s water within recommended levels preserves the clarity of the water and protects pool equipment. While pH levels are important for keeping swimmers comfortable during the pool season, it’s also important for keeping the water sanitized for the long period that the pool is closed.
  2. Clean the pool and equipment. Remember, how you leave the pool for the winter will play a big part in how it will be when you open it for next season. Clear the pool of leaves and debris, vacuum thoroughly, and clean your liner after the last use to help prevent stains and damage. Be sure to clean all equipment as well, especially filtration systems, to keep them in top shape for next season.
  3. Make sure the water is at the proper level. Be sure to closely follow your care and maintenance instructions to determine the proper water level to keep your pool at closing. That way you can help avoid damage to the structure of your pool and your equipment.
  4. Install a safety cover. Covering your pool is a great way to keep it clean during the winter. A mesh or solid safety cover also helps secure your pool and keep your family, friends, and pets safe from poolside accidents. But keep in mind, not all safety covers are created equal. To know you have the strongest, highest-quality safety cover, trust the brand that:
  • Uses only the highest-quality materials in their covers.
  • Offers a 15- year prorated warranty.
  • Exceeds ASTM standards.
  • Go the extra step to get UL certified.
  • Is strong enough to support the weight of Bubbles the elephant!

Having your pool covered in the winter is especially important for areas prone to a lot of snowfall. When your yard is covered in snow, inground pools can get lost in your winter wonderland, so those out playing in the snow may come close to the area.

  1. Put up your pool fence. A pool fence provides an additional layer of security in your yard for the winter or at any time. Pool fences prevent children or animals from entering the pool area, so they are great for the winter when the pool is not infrequent use. Pool fences can come in removable versions so they can be used when they are needed but put away when they are not, making them a great option for winter when the pool is not infrequent use. Combined with proper supervision, pool fences can give you the peace of mind of knowing your pool is safe and secure all year round.
  2. Talk to the professionals. Swimming pool professionals are here to help you with more than just installation and repairs. If you have any questions or concerns that are not covered in your care and maintenance instructions, be sure to contact an expert!


The steps you take now to prepare your pool for winter will make a big difference when the warm weather rolls back around. You’ll have memories of a safe and happy winter, with a pool that requires much less work to open.